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Show your superpower.
Photography, animation and video.
We'll capture the best moments.
Our professional cameras and super sensitive lenses get amazing captures, even in the lowest lighting.

Excellent for live gigs and productions.

Photography for business.
Get photographs captured, edited and published of your business's best features - whether it's a cafe, restaurant, live music venue and more.
Characters. Identities. Stories.
Our animation makes it possible.
Make your identity move.
We can make amazing animations with your logo or project title to stamp at the beginning or end of your content.

It's an incredible way to ensure your name is remembered forever. It's your own personal ident.

Complete animated stories.
No video? No problem.

Witch And The Wolf can showcase your story with an entirely animated production -  with original characters, scenes, effects and interactions.

Animation. Entirely customisable.

Text-based projects made fluid.
With the freedom to animate all sorts of fonts and the addition to add moving graphics and video, we can help create a stunning text-based videos.

Lyric videos, step-by-step instructions, presentations and more.

Be seen. Be heard.
Music videos with unlimited possibilities.
Since our beginnings, we've had the privilege to work with some amazing musicians. And as musicians ourselves, we want to make amazing things happen.

Our video plans all feature filming with our professional cameras, full editing tailored to your storyboard and publishing available in over 100 different formats and presets.

Hybrid videos with animation.
Can't choose between animation and video? Well, then have both.

Add lyrics, captions, graphics and all sorts of visuals to your videos - we can combine loads of elements to add to any video and make it just as part of the picture as the recorded video.

It's not magic. It's smart editing.

We make informative a bit more fun.
We think the best way to inform people of news, products and exciting things is by video.

Witch And The Wolf can help promote your projects, ideals and business by helping you create a beacon of information through our video plan.

Get your audiences' reviews, make your business known, host interviews, promote your latest cocktail invention and much more.

Surprise! We do audio creation too.
There's nothing better than using original audio, music and sound effects with your own videos - and we can provide that.

With our library of over 400 recorded instruments and effects - completely customisable - we can write your debut soundtrack to your feature advertisement or feature film.

Need a soundtrack quickly to match your production? No worries.

We're partnered with SATV to bring you over 500 tracks and sounds, commercially licensed.

It's the same material that Sky, O2, BT and many professional businesses' use.

500+ commercial tracks.
Let's make amazing things.
It's time to unleash our photography, animation and video powers to make an impression with your audience like never before.

Let's go.

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