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Endless imagination.
It's design, but done differently.
What can we do?
We provide custom-designed symbols, buttons and elements to match your project repertoire. Why use stock content when you can have something with a personal touch?
Logos. Your ultimate signature.
Your logo is more than just a name and an icon - it's a visual representation of yourself and your project. That's where Witch And The Wolf come in.

We're delighted to have worked with a variety of different companies, brands, musicians and bands and organisations; creating powerful impressions that have remained with our clients since their beginnings.

Offline media.
We design posters/advertisements made to turn heads, leaflets and menus, tickets, business/promo cards and pretty much anything that can be added to paper.
Our professional illustration tools allow us to create characters, hand drawn effects, custom fonts and so much more.
Design for merchandise.
We'll design that band tee that everyone wants to wear. Our on-demand, drop shipping partners allow us to create content for 100s of products with automatic fulfilment to nearly anywhere in the world.
Interactive PDFs.
Thanks to our fluid connectivity with Adobe Acrobat, we can turn any document from boring to seriously cool. Imagine having a digital CV that allows potential employers to view galleries and videos, straight from your resume. Or a press package where promoters can play tracks and movies, without ever leaving your document.

Productivity just got powerful.

Get a super jumpstart with our
Complete Branding Package.
Font creation.
A detailed choice of fonts that are tailored to your brand - from your logos to your headers, sub-headers and paragraphs.
Contact customisation.
Give your customers a contact experience that has your brand's touch, like savvy Email Signatures and visual content to make every message a delight.
Zoom ahead with your marketing strategies. Our pre-built templates for blogs, newsletters and forms are all designed for your campaigns to shine.
Original elements.
We can help get your visual representation recognised and remembered with an array of designs to use online and offline.
Themes and looks.
All of your branding colours and themes are organised with Pantone and HEX values to keep your looks consistent.
All backed up in our cloud.
Your branding package, components and elements are kept up to date automatically in our cloud. Easily accessible and shareable to you and your team.
Why stop there?
Your visual designs can go even further.
Here's how.
Use your graphics in our Website Design plan.
So you've got a great logo, some awesome illustrations and your own custom themes. But do you have an online presence?

Everything we create works seamlessly with our Website Design plan. And if you don't have a website, then we can help.

Basically, watermarking your work means that your logo overlays a small portion of your photos, videos or any other media that you want to reinforce as your own. Just like a signature.

It's a great way to make sure your brand is noticed and also to secure your work, so it's less likely to get copied.

Watermark your work.
Make it move.
If you're planning on using your brand to publish moving image content (animations + video) then getting your brand impression via your logo is a great way for your viewers to memorise your name.

Better yet, why not let us animate it for you with a viral jingle? Our Animation Plan could be the answer.

Don't forget: your logo is your primary identity. So it's important to include it in communications such as emails and messaging apps.
If you need a great-looking email signature or advice on how to use your identity effectively, we can provide that.
Include your logo in all of your communications.

Check it out.

Ready for some great visuals?
It's time to get your hands on some graphics that make a difference to your project and your audience.

Get started.

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