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Witch And The Wolf.
All about us.
We're special. Because we're specialist.
Inspired by music, adventure and sharing the moments we love the most, Witch And The Wolf is a platform anybody can use to kick-start their ideas, launch projects and earn growth to the people that matter the most.

With over 15 years of combined experience, we're a brand that holds our head up high when it comes to the delivery of creative solutions, events and innovations. Our serious attention to the smallest details, access to open source technology and a consistent strive to impress is only a few things that differ Witch And The Wolf from an endless sea of companies and designers.

We work with some incredible people to give you the best of the best - from our award-winning website editor, our connections with booking and scheduling systems, all the way to our hosting partner that make owning a domain the best price throughout it's lifespan and connecting it to your website as simple as 3 clicks.

We're not quite done there, though. We're constantly researching, matching and beating new ways to design and publish content that outranks our competition through time and quality. And we're now introducing apps to our portfolio - including Howl, which we hope will be the most intuitive way for artists to book and get paid for gigs.

Our team.
Founder + Head of Design
Zack is the founder of Witch And The Wolf and leads the way for our design solutions and event planning. His inspiration from adventure and extensive knowledge of digital design, music and hospitality is what fuels his desire to create, master and publish creative solutions for our clients. He loves sushi and his favourite colours are those seen in the Aurora Borealis.
Head of Communications + App Development
Chris is our hero that connects our clients to the solution that meets their needs and shouts about everything Witch And The Wolf! He's also the lead on all of our major future applications - including Howl! Chris has worked with major digital companies, linking customers to solutions and maintaining a second-to-none service. He's a whizz at the guitar too and loves a decent whisky.
Head of Events + Legal
Our lovely Lilly is our forefront when it comes to our events and all things legal! She has an incredibly wondrous portfolio working with a large-scale number of firms, charities and promoters in the UK and beyond. Lilly has helped host a ton of events for Witch And The Wolf. She also owns her own coffee shop and, being Greek, is an absolute Goddess in the kitchen.
Head Editor
Aussie-born and bred Mike is the master of editing all text and literature - whether that's for our clients or for ourselves. Mike has had quite a history of enduring some epic adventures, writing and publishing his own books and also introduced his publishing company 'Sun Rider Press' to share travel stories from multiple authors all over the world. He's also a vocalist and guitarist in his psych-rock band.
Our history.
A story of friendship, grief and the need to continue creating.
It began with Bebo. (It was kind of like MySpace.)
Two individuals, Zack and Emilie, met on Bebo from separate parts of the UK... all because of a high school break-up between a peer of Zack's at school and herself. But from that initial communication, they realised that they loved a lot of things together; video, music, design, writing stories and - most importantly - Doctor Who.

It didn't take them long to become the best of friends. Together, they created some weird and wonderful content just because they could to express themselves. Of course, they couldn't afford Adobe Photoshop at the time. So they settled on good ol' Paintshop Pro. Emilie introduced a lot of new music and art to Zack, that would inspire him later down the line.

Two creative brands are introduced!
Emilie and Zack worked together to create two projects for the young creatives out there, as well as an entry to showcase their own work. Zack's project was 'The Breakaway Chronicles'; a platform where young inspiring authors could submit their own entries based on turning the life and people around them into fictional stories. Emilie built 'Yay! For Insane People'; a group based on the freedom of alternative expression through design, graphics, text and even doodles.
Emilie leaves this world.
Emilie passed away February 2010. Zack is distraught. He reads a personal eulogy at her funeral, where her casket is fashioned as the Tardis from Doctor Who. It couldn't have been a more perfect service.
Make way for Breakaway.
During his studies at university, Zack took the design projects inspired by Emilie and titled the brand 'Breakaway'. Inspired by the Kelly Clarkson song, his existing project 'The Breakaway Chronicles', his loved friend's inspiration, and to learn and create advanced digital design solution for individuals that needed photography, graphics and video. And finally, he could (just about) afford Adobe Creative Studio through a Student Plan.
Witch And The Wolf is born.
Originally a name for a music venue that Zack wanted to open up in the future, he branded his new and current design name to Witch And The Wolf - loosely based from one of his high school stories that earned top marks. He strove to create 'future proof' designs to outrank his competition and celebrate existing artists through live events. The first live event failed and didn't have great attendance - something needed to be done.
So he spoke to local musicians, artists and created a gig where customers could interact with the event through performances and challenges. And once the changes were done, the next gig (and many others) sold out.
Our third (and final) identity is published.
After 3 logos, trials, many animations and looks, Witch And The Wolf settle on the logo and identity that we use to this day. Our slogan, 'It's A Way Of Life', signifies we are made to create, publish and promote - inspired by our love of music, adventure, artisan culture and a never-ending desire to impress.
Music videos, lyrical animations, photography and prints galore.
Witch And The Wolf creates content for musicians, bands, restaurants, yoga teachers and everything in between. It was a big launch of recognition to our brand that would eventually get passed around.
Introducing Lilly and Mike. And more creativity.
Zack met Lilly and Mike during his time in Bristol - two super creative and fun individuals that would eventually become his best friends. Zack created a website for Lilly's artisan coffee shop and helped Mike open an online publishing company for all of his travel stories. We also expanded our audience and started to create content for corporate uses, such as law firms.
As well as that, Witch And The Wolf introduced their first line of 'Pub Quizzes' that focussed entirely enhancing audience interaction.
Our Website Design plan is available to everyone.
After much trial and error (and testing several systems that would allow us to create websites the way we wanted to) we fully released our Website Design plan. In time, it has become one of our most popular services. We found a way where we could produce and publish advanced websites whilst giving our clients full editing capabilities with an easy to use, visual editor. And it's the same award-winning editor that we've partnered with and offer our clients to this day.
Witch And The Wolf fully releases Animation plan.
We've created some great animations with text and some elements for lyric videos, presentations and for film. But we knew we could do better. So we strengthened our abilities further to create fully animated features without the need to use a camera whatsoever. Our Animation plan comes full circle.
Heard enough?
If you've still got some questions, we have answers! Click below to get in touch with us today.


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