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Fast. Powerful. Affordable.
An online empire seamlessly integrated to your brand.
Key features.
400+ integrations.
Connect to over 400 apps, widgets and systems you need to define your business - such as eCommerce, bookings, messaging, broadcasting and more.
A perfect fit.
Your website's content optimises to fill up any screen of any size.
It also automatically recognises the browser viewing your site and adjusts components, such as the menu, for the finest experience.
Top-grade security.
Our websites are guarded by the same security measures that your bank uses. And it's included as standard on all of our plans.
Say hi to AI.
We have a clever AI module that looks after your website and helps it get SEO-ready in a cinch. Getting on Google has never been easier.
Super cool analytics.
Our award-winning editor includes in-depth analytics directly in your dashboard. So you can measure, plan and react to your visitors habits quickly and easily.
eCommerce ready.
We can design an easy-to-use online store for you to sell your stuff. It's super customisable and lets customers purchase physical and digital goods. Accept payments by card, Apple Pay and more. Set your own delivery methods that work for you.
Mike Ro

Sun Rider Press

Witch And The Wolf have been our website builders from the very beginning. We don’t trust anyone else.
Not only is their design work and attention-to-detail second to none, they always go the extra mile to ensure your site is ultra user-friendly.
There's even more.
A lot more.
We have over 1,500 fonts.
We've likely got the typeface that matches your business, project, band or brand. And they're all licensed for us to use on your website.
Secure forms.
Our customisable forms let you gather exactly the information you want from visitors - and keep out the nasty bots. You can export all the data as a CSV file to use with third parties, like MailChip or MailerLite.
Add your team.
You can add several team members to make changes to your website. Each member will have their own username and password, and you can set limits of what they have access to.
Connect your store.
If we build a store for you, we can connect it to third parties such as Amazon, Facebook and Instagram to make your products go even further.
Fast loading times.
Your website can be kept looking gorgeous and filled with amazing content, whilst keeping the loading times fast. Thanks to our optimisation system, all your images and videos are loaded in a flash. Easy peasy.
No annoying cookie policies.
Our in-built analytics are GDPR compliant and don't collect any PII on any of your visitors. So there's no need to add a pop-up policy on your website.*
*Using third party integrations may require a prompt.
And with 44+ more features and tricks, you've got plenty of nice things.
Our award-winning editor.
Crafted with by our friends in Canada.
We build, design, code and publish to make the best result for you. But you'd probably like to change some text and images from time to time without our help.
Meet our wonderful website editor - Pagecloud.
Want to change some text?
Just click it.
There's no easier way to edit text than in a word processor, like Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. So why should it be different on your website?

With a Witch And The Wolf website, you see what your visitors see in the editor. So you click, edit and hit save. That's all. Simple.

It's called a WYSIWAG editor, otherwise known as 'What You See Is What You Get'. While you won't have easy access to certain things that you don't want to mess with (it keeps your website running), you'll get access to full visual editing.
There's no back-end menu like Wordpress or Squarespace. You simply see the website as your visitors do, and can edit anything from there.
What you see is what they
In-built blogs are available, too.
There's Facebook. There's Instagram. There's LinkedIn. There's lots more channels.

But if you want totally customisable posts, you can use the built-in blog system. It lets you edit in the format you want and you can add images, videos or any HTML widgets that you desire. You can share them to social media channels afterwards in your customised form.

You can change any image you want without messing up the layout of your website - because we fix it all in place. So you can swap a picture simply by dragging and dropping onto the old image. Done.
Change images in a snap.
Witch And The Wolf have been great at representing Pagecloud Website Builder through their work. As one of our Pro designers, Witch And The Wolf have created several beautiful websites using Pagecloud.
They have an amazing knowledge of the product and always use our software artfully! Witch And The Wolf are a great example of our Pro users and always have happy customers.
Amazing analytics.
Easy to understand.
Eveything you need. Nothing you don't.
Our built-in analytics system makes it easy to read, measure and react to a multitude of visitor events and reactions without having to use Google Analytics or other third party services. Everything you need is right here.
Displayed in a simple, but powerful way.
A variation of charts, easily adjustable to the criteria that matters most to you, are simple to access. Number crunching is automatically calculated for you as well - highlighting the values of total visitors, audience specifications, locations, time spent, button clicks and much, much more at your fingertips. Adjustable by time, day, week, month and year.
We'll tell you where they are.
Our GDPR compliant location-tracking system lets you identify where your customers are coming from - whether that's by country, county or even town. And because our system keeps all of your visitors precious details anonymous, there's technically no way of identifying their personal details to you, or yours to them. It's one of the many ways we keep our websites safe and secure.
Target your analytics.
You can fine-tune your visitors actions; from the most popular pages, the buttons they click, the average time spent per page, how many scroll to the bottom of each page, bounce rate per page and much more.
Where are they coming from?
Discover what leads them to your site not just by location, but also by search engines, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other social media channels. You can even identify external websites and referrals that link to your website.
What are they using?
Our in-built analytics let you find out what visitors are using: desktop, phone or a tablet. Better yet, we can tell you exactly what browsers they are viewing your website with on any device.
A smart website deserves a smart assistant. It's AI.
Lost for words?
Want to change text but need some help writing it? No problem.

Our AI can step in to help you change the tone of your text. Maybe you want it more casual, persuasive or even humorous or sarcastic? Simply choose your desired tone to generate options to select from.

You can even get help with grammar and spelling, make something longer or shorter, simplify the language or get alternative suggestions with no more than a few clicks.

Enhanced SEO.
We include initial keywords at the backend of your website to get it on search engines, like Google. Our AI intelligently scans the activity on your website and how people discover it - then adapts to visitor behaviours by enhancing keywords and data to get your SEO ranking higher. Faster.
We have support.
When you're stuck, there's help at hand. If there's something technical going amiss on your website, you can contact us or the lovely folk that created our editor - instantly.
If you want us to continue making major edits to your website over time after the initial publish, then our subscription could be the answer. We'll make up to unlimited changes, new pages and features that you want to be included in your website for a simple monthly fee. There's no minimum commitment and no exit fees.*
*Subscription is exclusive of design and online fees. Fair usage terms apply.
Our offering.
Get your Witch And The Wolf website published, and upon receiving payment for design and online fees, receive 1 free month + £75 credit to use on a paid BookingNinja subscription.
Need a top-end, affordable booking system?
We've got an offer.
It's great having a wonderful website. But if you're in the hospitality industry, you might want a cool, customisable booking system to organise your customers, obtain deposits and much more. We've partnered with our good friends at BookingNinja because we believe they've got an incredible, easy-to-use system. Tried and tested by us and our clients. And you can get your hands on it with a great offer - exclusive to Witch And The Wolf customers.
Incredible features.
Take pre-orders, distribute multiple sessions for different dining experiences, chain tables automatically for larger bookings, use Yield Management to place guests on the best suited tables for increased revenue, set different deposits based on amount of customers or time spent, send SMS confirmations and reminders, and much, much more.

You get to keep your own branding on the entire booking process and can even change the text on all data entry points too.

See all of the features.

Our pricing.
We like to keep our pricing as transparent as possible. The cost for your website will be a design fee + hosting (+ a domain fee if we look after your domain). No matter the size of your website, you'll always have access to our features as standard.
Design fee.
A one-off charge for designing all the parts of your website. Normally, you'll be invoiced for this seperately. Design fees are obtainable by a no-obligation quote.
Hosting fee.
The hosting fee covers the costs of keeping your website online and also includes access to the editor, security certificates, SEO optimisation, our AI system and all the great things that make your website shine. The hosting fee needs to be paid per website, even if you have multiple sites with us. You can subscribe to one of our monthly plans or save up to £151 a year by selecting an annual plan. Your payments will recur depending on which plan you select.
Save up to £151 a year by selecting our annual plan. Our cheapest hosting fee. No refund on early cancellation.
Annual plan, paid monthly.
Pay the annual plan monthly. 12 month commitment required. Termination fee payable on early cancellation.
Monthly plan.
No annual commitment required. Monthly rolling plan. Cancel with just 1 months notice.
It's time to build your online empire!
Want to join the party? Let's do it!

Get a quote.


Is security included on my website?

Yes! All websites designed by Witch And The Wolf are automatically provisioned with an SSL certificate and encryption at no extra cost, unlike other providers.

SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, serves as the widely-accepted security technology used to establish a secure and encrypted connection between a web server and a browser. This vital link guarantees the privacy and security of all data transmitted between the web server and browsers, helping to safeguard sensitive information.

Your forms and data entry points are also protected by anti-spam technology, such as reCAPTCHA so only humans are welcomed and bots are kicked out.

What integrations can I use on my website?

Over 400 apps, widgets and integrations - and counting! Here's some examples:

  • Google Maps/Bing Maps integration so your customers can find you easily.
  • Booking forms so people can book a table, make an appointment and more from over 50 different systems - like BookingNinja, ResDiary, Tock, Timely, OpenTable, Appointify and Resy.
  • Stream songs, albums and playlist from nearly any music streaming service including Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and BandCamp.
  • Let your customers play videos from YouTube, Vimeo and more.
  • As well as our in-built eCommerce feature, you can bring in products from many other third party online stores like Shopify, WooCommerce, Gumroad and Ecwid.
  • Add buy buttons and purchase gateways for you to accept payments for items, subscriptions and donations.

And much, much more. All without your customers ever having to leave your website.

Will you train me on how to make changes?

Of course we will. We want to provide a helping hand and teach you the basics of editing things on your webpages, such as images and text. And our award-winning editor makes doing so easy-peasy.

How do hosting payments work?

Once you choose one of our 3 hosting subscriptions, your payment method will be charged automatically every month or every year - depending on which one you select.

Can I change my hosting subscription?

You can change your hosting subscription yourself by logging into your customer portal.

Please note that if you change to our 'Annual Plan, Paid Monthly' subscription then you will need to commit to that plan for at least 1 year and you can't change your subscription until the minimum commitment period has expired.

Also note that if you change subscriptions, you won't be refunded any outstanding time remaining on your current plan.

Can I cancel my Website Design plan?

Yes. You can stop your Website Design plan by cancelling your hosting subscription, with 1 months notice. Your payment method will no longer be charged and your website will be removed online, upon reaching your next billing cycle.

Your website will be kept available for up to 30 days should you change your mind and would like to return your site online. After this period, your website may be permanently deleted.

Please note that if your hosting subscription is 'Annual Plan, Paid Monthly', then you will be charged any outstanding months remaining on your plan if you cancel early.

Can I transfer my site to another provider?

No. It isn't possible to transfer your website and it's contents to another provider.

What happens if I miss a payment?

If for some reason we cannot collect payment after 7 days from your usual billing cycle, your website will be suspended and taken offline. You'll need to pay a reconnection fee of £25, as well as your outstanding balance, for your website to be available online again.

Your website may be permanently deleted with no option of recovery if we do not receive payment 30 days after your typical billing cycle.

Do you provide domains?

No, Witch And The Wolf doesn't provide domains. We do however work with Hover - our preferred partner for registering and using domains. If you have a domain registered with Hover, your website can instantly connect to your address in a snap.

We can connect to all other domain registrars too, of course.

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