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Privacy Policy.

(i) Witch And The Wolf adheres to the ePrivacy Directive and GDPR legislations.

(ii) This Privacy Policy still applies to you if you are outside of the UK or EU.

(iii) This Privacy Policy covers all platforms that Witch And The Wolf use, including but not limited to our website, social network, enquiry forms, Contract and correspondence. This Privacy Policy also covers businesses, individuals, bands or groups that are connected to Witch And The Wolf's online services.

(iv) When you use Witch And The Wolf in a way that means you would be disclosing personal information, such as but not limited to your name, date of birth, home address, telephone numbers and email addresses, it is stored on our databases either during the correspondence period, but may be held on our system for a longer period if we require it for necessary correspondence in the future.

(v) The data we have stored about you will be securely destroyed automatically if it has not been used in 12 months.

(vi) You can request to have your data destroyed at an earlier time, if you tell us.

(vii) Please note that for security reasons, Witch And The Wolf does not store any financial information, if we have any of you, for the 12 month period. Financial information (or information that presents a level of security to a high degree) is destroyed on the transaction date.

(viii) Witch And The Wolf will always ask your consent before any data will be stored. Please note that you may not be able to continue or complete certain forms, services or opportunities until we have received this consent from you.

(ix) Consent may come in the form of (but not limited) tick boxes, signatures on your part, radio group buttons or in the form of written text. Consent must always be recorded and stored and cannot be given verbally.

(x) Witch And The Wolf will never sell or share your personal data with any third party companies outside the business unless otherwise strictly directed to by you.

(xi) You agree that, if absolutely necessary, Witch And The Wolf may pass your details to third parties for lawful enforcement.

(xii) If you opt in to receive updates from Witch And The Wolf by email about offers, events and services that we have, you can freely opt out at any time if you tell us in writing.

(xiii) You agree that Witch And The Wolf may have to send you updates by email if we feel that you need to beinformed about something relevant to you, including but not limited to service updates, a change in terms or a change in circumstances.

(xiv) Please note that for our security purposes, your IP address may be automatically recorded upon submitting any of our online forms on our websites.

(xv) We may change our Privacy Policy at any time. We will endeavour to notify you If this happens.



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Last updated on 10 February 2021.