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Buying tickets to our events.

Buy safely.

Although our events are not gigantic and worldwide known (yet) we care just as much about your financial safety as all other event coordinators. We sell tickets on our store via our official partner, and sometimes venues will sell our tickets with our authorisation.

So! Here's our easy 'yays' and 'nays' on how to buy and treat tickets for all Witch And The Wolf events.

Sounds easy enough and you've probably heard the same thing from many other events, but its really important to remember.

We sell our tickets directly on our store via Headfirst Bristol, or you can get them straight from Headfirst's website. This is the easiest way to purchase tickets from our event - and a green way too. You'll get an e-Ticket sent to your phone for scanning on entry, so we both save paper and you don't have to print things out.

On occasion, we will also sell tickets via a venue's website if we are hosting an event with them - but we will always tell you if that is the case and provide you with a trustworthy, direct link.

Bottom line? If you see tickets sold elsewhere then do not buy them. These kind of tickets are unauthorised. That means if you buy from an unauthorised source and you arrive to the event with these tickets, they won't be accepted at the door. That, and we can't refund you the cost. So stay safe, and only buy tickets where we say you can.

Get your tickets from a trusted source.



Treat your tickets like a nice present.

Follow the rules.

When you get your tickets sent over to you from an authorised seller, treat them like cash. Or a cute puppy or kitten. Or a really nice gift that your parents got you.

Most of our tickets are scanned on entry, so don't flash them around on the risk of them being copied. Once a ticket's QR code has been scanned, then other tickets with the same QR code won't be accepted. So if you're unfortunate enough to show off a ticket to someone, and they copy it and arrive at the event before you, then they will get let in and you won't.

If you need to transfer your tickets into another name, then you can do so easily if you bought them via our official partner Headfirst Bristol. Just head to their website, login to your account and follow the instructions. This process may vary or may not be possible if you purchased your tickets from a different authorised vendor.

Every event is covered by Witch And The Wolf's Event Terms & Conditions, and some events may have additional terms. For example, a few of our events may only be available to those that are over 18 years of age. Always check for these terms - they'll be clearly displayed prior to buying a ticket. So basically, don't buy a ticket for an over 18 event if you're under 18 years old. If you do this and you turn up and we ask you for ID (we're pretty strict on ID), we will turn you away if you're not 18 or over. You won't get a refund either, so don't risk it.

Unless an event is cancelled or changed in such a way that it would alter the audience experience, refunds generally aren't available. So keep that in mind. Remember, you can still transfer your ticket into someone else's name if you bought them via Headfirst Bristol.