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Musical pioneers. Enriched sound experiences.

It's never sounded so good.

Audio Design and Production.

Witch And The Wolf was founded, and is run, by musicians and audio geeks. We're proud to be either, and we spend countless hours surrounding ourselves with sounds of all kinds of music and sounds, finding better ways to compose, produce, mix and publish - from the tiniest of bleeps to full-length masterpieces.

We take pride in our audio solutions and soar to deliver truly incredible results. And you can be part of it now.

When we've delivered your final product, we can help you take it further. Say, for example, you want some visuals to go with your sweet sounds. Well, we just so happen to cover a lot of those. We can also help you get your music to the world with popular apps such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, and YouTube if you're wanting some video with it.

So if you're looking to get album artwork, lyric animations or even a music video to accompany your music, you can. Best of all, you can purchase it as a complete package and save yourself some dollar. How handy is that?

Settle for more. Not less.

Tune ideas into audible achievements.

With a comprehensive range of dedicated tools and a super-colourful sound skill set, Witch And The Wolf deliver a true edge in audio and sound composition, editing and publishing.

We cover a wide range of platforms such as music tracks, soundtracks and SFX for video, EP's, albums and SFX for interface. We've got a library with hundreds of recorded sounds, professional plug-ins and intuitive effects to give your project that big boom you're after.

We are constantly inspired by how sound is integrated in technology on a day to day basis, and study the artefacts that make them unique to one another.

Get your hands on a plethora of deliciously-satisfying effects that help shape your product. Let the user know when they receive a message, charge a device, make and receive a phone call and so much more.  It's an array of sound functionality that you wouldn't believe could take your product further. Until now.

Intuitive sounds for user experiences.

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