From the shortest sound, to the longest masterpiece.

No matter the genre or application you're wanting, we can fit some sounds to accompany your material perfectly. Everything we use to write has been recorded from the source - the result is authentic instrumentation across all layers of the track. Should you need it, we can also deliver a notated score for singular or multiple instruments - so you can even take your music to an orchestra if you wanted to. Our seemingly endless list of pro plug-ins and tools means that the tiniest details can be customised to get the biggest boom possible.

Make your experience stand out with a bang.

Building a movie, advertisement or a trailer? Or maybe you have a live experience that just needs that bit of 'oomph'? Let us help you give it that extra edge with an epic soundtrack. With our obsession of taking care of the tiniest details, we thoroughly analyse your visuals frame-by-frame to determine the most dynamic and effective accompaniments possible - from the genre, the instrumentation, the velocity of notation, the space design, right down to the discreet yet emotion-changing moments. And with a vast library of over 500 layers of customisable instrumentation, there is absolutely nothing stopping us from making the earth-shaking audio you want.


With a comprehensive range of dedicated tools and a super-colourful sound skill set, Witch And The Wolf deliver a true edge in audio and sound composition, editing and publishing.


We have the means to create anything you can think of  - even if it means smashing up some things, recording it and altering their sound from there. From short sound effects for gaming or interactivity, written orchestral scores for moving image, to fully blown music tracks... you name it, we'll make it happen.


 Past victories under our belt include composing and releasing several singles and EP's (both from  artists we represent and ones we support), designing sound effects for interactive platforms and writing tracks for film trailers.  To top everything off, we're even conquering our own 3D binaural audio engine 'HOWL' that takes 3D listening experiences to the next level - with any pair of stereo headphones.


Our audio capabilities are constantly expanding - it's an extremely exciting time to join Witch And The Wolf's sound innovations. And should you want to blend it with some sweet visuals, we can make that happen as well.


You'll be surprised at what we can do.

System + app sounds built just for you.

You've built a kick-ass interface for a phone or tablet, or a great app, or an immersive game. Good for you. If you're looking to make it as pleasing to hear as it is to see, then look no further than Witch And The Wolf. We are constantly inspired by technology on a day to day basis, and study the artefacts that make them unique to one another. What did we find? The system sounds that register a function or notification within the platform resemble a concrete, absolute definition to the interface itself.


Get your hands on a plethora of deliciously-satisfying effects that help shape your product. Let the user know when they receive a message, charge a device, make and receive a phonecall and so much more.  It's an array of sound functionality that you wouldn't believe could take your product further. Until now.

Services + pricing.

Musical Soundtracks.

< 3.5 minutes.

From £99

3.5 - 7 minutes.

From £159

7+ minutes.

From £269

Sound Effects.

Single sound.

From £19

Up to 10 sounds.


11+ sounds.

 From £99

Edits + Touch-ups.

Consultation only.

Contact for further information.

Advanced Functionality.

Consultation only.

Contact for further information.


eSsential. Logo, business card + template.


ILLUsTRATe. Logo, business card, 3 templates , leaflet + apparel.


Online. Logo, business card, 3 templates, up to 5 page webspace + online assets.


ANIMate. Logo, business card, 3 templates + 1 promotional video with animation.


All packages include analysis for typography, looks and colour plans.


Customisable packages are available to suit your needs. Contact us to see what deals can be made just or you.

There's even more we can do. Contact us now for more information.

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