A limitless online world.

A limitless you.

The online world provides an endless route of possibilities. And Witch And The Wolf can help you get on track.


We can help you launch and prosper your web empire and get it out there - from designing the smallest of nifty assets to add to your existent website, to constructing an awesome full online experience to your audience. All the pages and elements that we build are fully responsive to all screens of all sizes, which means that what you get from us is completely adaptable to desktops, tablets and phone screens - all completely customisable.


It doesn't matter how far you are with your online ideas - we can take it to the next level.

Powerful features.

Simple approaches.

We believe in an online world where powerful capabilities should be accessible to produce and view. That's why we came up with a construction method which allows us to dynamically link all the assets we design elsewhere straight into our sites, with maximum compatibility.


We want to deliver possibilities to web users without the need of additional plug-ins or extensions, and overall, create a seamless experience. Assets and layouts can be customised without hindrance. Responsive design allows for those assets to fit into a multitude of spaces and displays.


Your audience doesn't have to change the way they are to see your experience - your experience changes for them.

Your best of everything.

All in one place.

Set up a portfolio. Let people play your tracks and videos for your music project. Give payment options and links. Add contact forms so you don't have to reveal your personal information. Create reCaptcha for your methods of contact to avoid spam. Full screen background slide shows, Google apps and social media integration. The possibilities are all here and expanding every day, and the time is now to promote the best of you in your best online empire.


And, if you're new to the online empire, we can help you choose a suitable registrar, domain and hosting plan so you can get the best value and use from what you create with us. We're always at hand.

Get nifty assets.

Add to your online world.

If you've already got an online platform that you're proud of, then perhaps we can help you take it a little further. Maybe you're thinking of updating your cover photo or profile picture on Facebook with something fresh, or want some icons and animated buttons made for your site, or even a bit of help with a wicked new layout for a specific purpose.


Whatever it is, chances are we can help. Let Witch And The Wolf build more blocks onto your wall of the web.

Services & pricing.


1 page.

5 pages.

6+ pages.

Asset design.

Website assets.

Social media templates.






Get more. Save more.

Combine two or more of our services together and you could save money.


Make it an experience with Witch And The Wolf.

We can do more.

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