Dedicated to detail.

Putting magic into movies.

We have a collective obsession on developing things that can exemplify stories and definitions - down the the simplest of details or gestures.


This way of thinking is extremely apparent when we produce film and animation. We provide a second-to-none service with capturing, editing, animating and publishing moving images - whether it's direct from the lens of a camera, or simulating it with our industry-standard tools.


If you're looking to get some vital moments recorded for whatever your reason with unbeatable precision and imagination, then we should talk. We ensure that the material we deliver to you completely mirrors both your branding approach, and the positive effectiveness it brings to your audience.


Animated amazingly.

Be it text, imagery, characters or environments, we strive to make every aspect of it look stunning. We have designed animated sequences for logos, title sequences, in-film effects and more. Witch And The Wolf use a growing collection of slick possibilities to make elements appear, twist, transition, and blow minds.

With outputs of up to 4K, we can deliver you super-sharp productions. Chroma key your subjects into new environments, make your logo slide into scenes with beautiful lighting effects, create an memorable lyrical video, give your presentation an extra edge with powerful transitions not found on PowerPoint, or make things fly with artificial shadows...  How far can your imagination reach?

Powerful tools.

Mighty movies.

Witch And The Wolf have been publishing videos for promotion, music and enterprise since before we founded ourselves back in 2014. We know how important first impressions are to your audience, which is why we consistently scrutinize each process of production.


Our equipment records up to 4K*, so every crevice of every surface is beautifully visible. When it comes to post production, our displays allow us to edit in P3 - this gives us a much broader colour gamut than sRGB to reveal higher definition for colour correction and levelling. And with the freedom to export clips over to Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D for some serious frame-by-frame editing, we can apply industry-standard effects. To top it off, our pro sound suites means we can enhance everything you hear so that it sounds as good as it looks.

*subject to availability.

Want more?

You can get more.

If you're looking for a few extras with our moving image services, you can combine it with another applicable service and save money while you do it.


You could, for example, record and publish your music track with us before we produce your latest video, or get your animation uploaded to a custom-built online space that we help you build.


There are plenty of combinations - how far your imagination goes is up to you.

Services & pricing.


Up to 5 minutes.


5+ minutes.



Up to 5 minutes.


5+ minutes.


Edits & touch-ups.

Consultation only. Please contact us for more information.

Get more. Save more.

Combine two or more of our services together and you could save money.


Make it an experience with Witch And The Wolf.

We can do more.

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