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Witch And The Wolf continue to inspire and impress with rich graphical content and stunning illustrations. We're responsible for making some seriously iconic logos, head-turning posters, visuals for apparel and merchandise, character design, type fonts, symbols, front covers, back covers... if you can see it, we can most likely design it.


Whether you're a musician, start-up or current business, yoga teacher, dance company or whatever - we can give you some kick-ass visual representations like no other.


Make yourself stand out, and watch others cower at your branding prowess.

Original and iconic branding.

It's the best of you in your best design.

Whether it's a business, band or individual project, it means everything to you. In most ways, it may be a reflection of yourself. So the last thing you should do is compromise on the way that others will see it.


When you work with us to get things made for you, we look at every aspect to consider at both your project and yourself. This personal way of thinking helps characterise the elements of the drafts, prototypes down to the final product. It helps us learn about your intentions of the design, thus delivering you something that you can show off to anyone. We see you more than just a client or project - you're a person that has amazing ideas. And we'll help you get there.


There are no 'ifs' (normally).

We design differently.

Witch And The Wolf loves working with a wide range of people because it allows us to design for a wide range of requirements. Our expansive range of tools means that we have near-endless methods of getting stuff done and dusted - hand drawn and digitally. We don't ever consider if we can create something, we only ever asks ourselves how we should do it.

Starting something up?

Be higher from the beginning.

If you're thinking about launching a project and want some tips as well as some graphical boosts, we can help. Witch And The Wolf have worked with starting and continuing businesses, both big and small, to help them build the path to their ideal brand. We can help you decide on your perfect branding guidelines and approaches. And if we design them for you, then we work hard to ensure that your branding requirements and consistently met.


Are you a musician or band? As a company led by musicians, we can help you pave the way to creating and matching some awesome material to your musical genre and tastes. We'll help you to maintain it, too.

Services & pricing.

Logo & graphic design.

1 design.


2 designs.


3 designs.


4+ designs.


Hand drawn designs may incur an additional fee.

Design for print.

Pricing shown is subject to existing logos and assets.



Business card.




Album artwork. (Digital & online)




Design for online.

Pricing shown is subject to existing logos and assets.

Social media asset.


Website asset.


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Combine two or more of our services together and you could save money.


Make it an experience with Witch And The Wolf.

We can do more.

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