Welcome to our world.

Situated in the heart of Bristol, we are a bespoke platform for connecting people with the creative solution they want through astonishing audio and visual design - sound/music composition and mixing, graphic design for digital and print, animation, online development and photography to name a few.


We've already helped a ton of individuals and businesses get what they need; ranging from popular hospitality/event industries, technology consultancy companies, bands and artists, law firms, public service industries and more.

We also host our own live events to promote the music and artists we love. Music gigs, festivals, showcase evenings, quizzes and tours are some past successes, with plenty more to come.


Witch And The Wolf is steadily growing in the community and carving a recognition of excellence through it's groundbreaking design, intuitive exploration and it's ability to creatively connect people.  We'll never stop creating, sharing and having fun. It's a way of life.

"The thing that really makes us different is our humanistic approaches to everything we do.


We're constantly inspired by adventure,  exploration and the treasures we find along the way to enhance our capabilities and find more ways to connect people together.


That's what Witch And The Wolf is all about."


Zack Reed

Founder and Co-Director

Zack Reed

Founder and Co-Director

Zack founded Witch And The Wolf back in 2014 as his way to connect people through design and events. He produces and oversees everything that we do and loves any opportunity to shout out about how awesome we are!

Adam Armour

Co-Director and Events Manager

Non-genetical big brother of Zack, Adam joined Witch And The Wolf as Co-Director in 2018. Adam is responsible for bridging clients to the company, setting up our amazing events and pushing out the 'Wolf Way' to everyone.

Mark Hanlon

Music and Sound Producer

Musical-genius Mark joined the Witch And The Wolf team in 2019. He's in charge of making sure all of our Music and Sound products are ear-candy to everyone - and looks good whilst he does it. Obviously.

Jack Dyson

Radio and WolfCast Associate

Jack has a vibrant and colourful background of working in the radio industry and has put on some amazing shows with his own brand. We snatch him whenever we can to be part of WolfCast and strut his charismatic stuff.

Beth Sitch

WolfCast Associate and Prototype Tester

Beth with the red hair is one of our WolfCast associates and does a fantastic job of voicing her opinions. She loves what we do at Witch And The Wolf and is our second pair of eyes for all the products and events we do.